Thursday, January 31, 2008

Change We Can Believe In!

Lifted from the comments, Minnesota Phats is feeling inspired:

I hear Obama say that he represents the "new politics." He eschews the old mode of tearing down one's opponent rather than reaching out and bringing people together.

So he won't smear his opponent, the disengenous duplicitous Senator from Punjab; whose husband is rumored to have had dishonest business dealings; who is "ambitious" (a characteristic that is so admirable in a man, but sinister in a woman); who is experienced like Rumsfeld and Cheney; and a racist who will do anything to get elected and take us backward to the last century.

I'm feeling hopeful already. I am reassured by the near unanimity in the media gushing over his high minded avoidance of the kind of smarmy nasty attacks that the Clintons are making. When his camp played "99 Problems (but a bitch ain't one)" after he defeated Hillary in Iowa I just had to agree with the reporter who praised his "elegant" campaign.
Well, the song was new. Besides, who you gonna believe, Obama or your lying eyes (and ears)?

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