Friday, February 01, 2008


You see, Obama is just too ambitious. He would say anything to get elected, like distorting his opponent's positions, attacking his opponent using right-wing talking points and, besides, he's too stuck in the past. It's all about power for him.

Krugman has the ugly details (and yes, I know that now because Krugman has criticized Obama justifiably and on sound progressive principles, he is a just a Hillary stooge, hack, etc). See, also, Hillary-accolyte Ezra Klein. For the record, regarding Obama's unfair GOP-style attack on mandates, one of the more respected think tanks crunched the numbers:
In this brief we conclude that, absent a single payer system, it is not possible to achieve universal coverage without an individual mandate. The evidence is strong that voluntary measures alone would leave large numbers of people uninsured. Voluntary measures would tend to enroll disproportionate numbers of individuals with higher cost health problems, creating high premiums and instability in the insurance pools in which they are enrolled, unless further significant government subsidization is provided. The government would also have difficulty redirecting current spending on the uninsured to offset some of the cost associated with a new program without universal coverage.
You know, I find the caricature of Obama so much more appealing than the real thing.

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