Thursday, March 27, 2008

Robbing Peter to Bomb Paul. Peter Dies Anyway. So Do You.

The Editors unearths this fact that will someday spawn a few billion bitter smiles (avedis: you can stop reading now):

Projected total US spending on the Iraq war could cover all of the global investments in renewable power generation that are needed between now and 2030 in order to halt current warming trends.
Responding to those that argue that we simply can't afford to combat global warming, the Editors goes postal floral:

People, listen: reducing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere? Obtaining all the energy we need directly from sunlight? These are the kinds of insurmountable engineering challenges overcome every day by plants. Plants. And not just those clever trees or those cunning shrubberies, mind you - single-celled algae-type bullshit figured out workable solutions to these questions several billion years ago. Call me speciesist (kingdomist?), but I’ve never found the flora to be particularly deep thinkers.
Heh meets indeed.

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