Monday, March 03, 2008

Work Is a Sucks

The long time girlfriend of one of my closest friends hails from Italy - though she has been attending college and grad school here in NYC. While it may be immature to laugh, and despite the fact that she has mastered the English language in ways that I will never match with her native Italian, there are occasionally moments of mangled English that cause me to laugh.

My friend, cruel individual that he is, made it a point to correct her only rarely - enjoying the cuteness of the flawed syntax (worse still, he would sometimes feed her the wrong word or phrase just for effect). One of her more persistent errors is to put an article in front of "sucks" and use that word as a noun. As in, "This bar is a sucks, let's go somewhere else."

Anyway, I thought of her today when contemplating the fact that, more than most Mondays, work most definitely is a sucks. Posting is a resume shortly.

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