Friday, April 11, 2008

Alright Already

I can feel your prying, accusatory eyes. I know, I haven't posted in a day or so. I got a day job ya know, so sue me.

Better yet, go read Blake Hounshell on The Surge and why we're all wasting our time arguing about whether it's working or not. It's meaningless.

Also: Katulis and Duss, tag team cage match vs. Fred and Kimberly Kagan. Katulis and Duss have the distinct advantage of...well, using actual facts. Verdict: KO in the first round (figure-four leg lock of empirical evidence).

Finally, Cernig updates us on the latest Iraq war supporter to abandon Bush's Titanic. This time, its erstwhile stalwart Con Coughlin of the Daily Telegraph in the UK.

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