Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lord, Will You Make Her a Star?

I propose that we hold a massive fundraiser. Then I, posing as a right wing Scaife type with millions in tow (I have a killer fake moustache), will approach John McCain with an offer to pay Kathryn Jean Lopez's entire salary if he will take her on as the head of his campaign team. Victory, my dear friends, would be assured:

Exactly Right [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Sean Hannity just offered some advice to McCain on Hannity & Colmes. If he wants to give an inspiring speech, the senator ought to look at Mitt Romney's CPAC exit speech and Fred Thompson's exit speech; they were both fantastic, conservative, uplifting speeches. And so, John McCain should make like he's about to bow out of the race to find, as Hillary might put it, his voice.

I don't know what would be better: her convincing McCain to mimic Fred Thompson's soporific oratory, or persuading McCain to adopt the concession speech frame for all his big addresses. Or both!

Nothing inspires like a candidate with one foot in the bed and the other out the door.

(via this somewhat popular guy)

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