Wednesday, July 09, 2008

McCain: Dead Iranians are Funny!

Although counterintuitive, it is increasingly common knowledge that the people of Iran are amongst the most sympathetic to (even "pro") America in the Middle East. For example, on 9/11, Iranian citizens held a spontaneous candlelight vigil in Madar Square in Tehran as a show of solidarity and sympathy for the United States. In fact, even George Bush is something of a popular figure for large segments of the Iranian population that oppose the ruling regime (his approval ratings in Iran might even best those in the US). This peculiar dynamic has led some to joke that there is a better chance that we'll see a pro-American regime in Tehran than Baghdad in the next decade or so.

There are limits though. Even most Iranians that are predisposed to view the United States favorably would not react well to US military action against Iran. Bombing campaigns have a way of alienating people. Moreso, when such grave decisions are joked about by US politicians like presidential hopeful John McCain who thought it humorous to put the prospect of slaughtered Iranians to a Beach Boys tune. I'm sure that won over a lot of Iranians - I mean, you Iranians can take a joke, right?

McCain was at it again yesterday, making friends. Influencing people. Showing a callous disregard for human life:

Sen. John McCain hasn't had good luck joking about Iran. But he tried it again Tuesday.

Responding to a question about a survey that shows increased exports to Iran, mainly from cigarettes, McCain said, "Maybe that's a way of killing them."

Because, you know, the only good Iranian is a dead Iranian! ROFLMAO!!! Hey, guys, we're still friends right? No hard feelings?

(via Yglesias)

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