Thursday, September 25, 2008

Faster Scaredycat, Swill, Swill, Swill and Stunts are a Man's Best Friend

Quotes of the day which are, I'm fairly certain, connected. First Daniel Larison* (via Henley) on the "ZOMG!!! PANIC!!! must act now on the bailout" canard:

Haste is the state’s greatest ally, and delay is the shield of the people. As I said yesterday:

A useful thing to remember in the days to come: whenever someone yells about an impending catastrophe, he is probably either trying to sell you something or trying to steal something from you.

And this, from a commenter at the Poor Man Institute, on McCain's debate stunt:

Every semester during finals week someone pulls the fire alarm just before an exam.

Just sayin’...

If that doesn't work, maybe McCain can just say that he'd love to debate Barack Obama, but the dog ate his cue cards.

(*Daniel Larison is fast becoming my favorite conservative blogger - due in part to Greg Djerejian's absence, but due also to Larison's insight. In fact, most of the TAC crew is pretty solid.)

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