Thursday, September 25, 2008

You'll Never Fail Like Common People

Lisa Schiffren on how Bush is free to do the right thing and make sure that none but the wealthiest see a piece of the bailout largesse:

My objection to having either McCain or Obama playing a big role in this bailout is this: because they both need votes now, they have too great an incentive to pander to the lower middle classes, those with foreclosed homes, or late student loans or car loans — or any of the undesirable economic problems that people have already tried to incorporate into this finance-sector bailout. It isn't really so easy to make the argument that the financial sector needs to be rescued to preserve capitalism and the economy — while real, suffering people do not. There are good arguments, of course. But they will ring a little hollow to many of the real people, with suffering neighbors and friends, whose votes both candidates want. So, with the money box open, it may be that we, the taxpayers are better off having George Bush, who is free to stand on principle, take the lead in setting limits on the bailout. [emphasis added]

Because when Bush still cared about getting votes he tended to craft policies that greatly benefited the lower middle classes at the expense of the obscenely wealthy. But now he's free to abandon his class warrior pretense and the right thing?

Right thing = Doing nothing to benefit the real people suffering under Bush's previous magnanimous economic policies.

(via TBogg)

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