Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

Though I couldn't make it to DC, my firm is at least getting into the festive spirit - there'll be free pizza in the conference room, where the flat screen will be showing coverage all day. Not exactly hobnobbing with Jay Z and Bono at the various balls, but it'll do.

Also, if anyone's interested, I penned a short essay on the significance of the inauguration for a project called Change in Command. Here's how they describe their mission:

Since early December we've been asking a simple question at Change In Command. Our goal: to explore what today's Inauguration could mean for America and to foster a dialogue around a broad range of topics. We tailored our question for a slew of issues - Climate Change, Tax Policy, National Defense, Technology and the Iraq War to name a few. We also made a point to look at culture and lifestyle with issues like Entertainment , Youth Culture and Design. We invited experts in their respective fields to kick off the discussion each day, and by the time the lights go out at the last Inaugural Ball tonight, we will have covered 44 issues for the election of the 44th President of the United States. The responses have been insightful and sometimes surprising, and our thanks goes out to everyone who has participated so far.

My entry is here.

Oh, and I think I've got a photo to use for my book jacket, should I choose to write one. What a shameless ham I am. Please, take it with the pinch of irony with which it's given.

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