Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Range Roving with the Cinema Stars

I'm pleased to announce the launch of a new foreign policy site that I'm editing called The Progressive Realist. It is the brainchild of author and pundit Robert Wright - the founder of bloggingheads.tv. Here is a brief synopsis of the site's mission:

The blog is meant to occupy a niche that seems thinly populated. There aren’t many full-service blogs about American foreign policy—blogs where you can find timely and incisive comment on major developments around the world, along with less timely, more considered analysis of enduring foreign policy questions. The reason is simple: the world is a big and complex place, so it would take a big staff of specialists, along with some sage generalists, to produce a full-service foreign policy blog. And who’s got the budget for that? Not us. So instead of hiring a dream team of bloggers, we’re assembling a virtual dream team of bloggers; we cull the best posts from a network of great blogs and print the posts here in full.

In other words, this site is an “edited aggregator”: it aggregates posts from a number of blogs, but not automatically—only posts selected by our editors will appear, and those will be a small minority of posts from any given contributing blog.

Fear not, dear reader. This announcement is not some William Kristol sign off. You'll still have me to kick around here at TIA. I'm just adding to the locations from which you get to take a shot.

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