Thursday, April 06, 2006

Meet El Jefe, Pt. 2


Publius puts on the Rubber Gloves of Justice to examine the Immigration Bill 'compromise' pending in the Senate, and wonders if the must-learn-english provision is constitutional. Naturally, I wouldn't know if it's constitutional or not, but it's definitely stupid. Immigrants should be required to learn English so long as Americans are also required to learn it. Let's give a rigorous literacy test to Jim Bunning - or George W. Bush.

The question is, as Incertus points out, what exactly does 'learn english' mean? In addition to traffic signals/words, I'd suggest a few other essentials:

- Yes, sir

- Thank you sir

- Whatever you say, Jefe ('Jefe' is allowed for the first 11 years).

- Fuckin' A!

- Git r dun

- Dollars to donuts

- Jesus (correctly pronounced: 'Jeezus' or 'Jeeziz')

- Geez (ibid.)

- For Gosh Darned Sake (Wisconsin only)

- Fuck Yew, Buddy (outside the South and Border States, 'Fuck You Jack/Fella' are acceptable).

- For here or to go?

(please add your suggestions in the comments).


The US is possibly the least sectarian and simultaniously most ethnically diverse big country in the world. Isn't that actually kind of asset?

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